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Centralised Vacuum & Cleaning

At Universal Engineering, we take the lead in terms of offering quality cleaning solutions in the form of equipments and tools; our mission is to be in the front line when it comes to cleaning by providing best quality products, experienced technical support and customer service. We provide various cleaning solutions for Commercial, Industrial & Domestic requirements.

Universal Engineering & Solutions

For Commercial cleaning solutions we apply various cleaning techniques, equipments and chemicals to ensure smooth and efficient cleaning solution. Our wide scope of cleaning solutions and equipments helps in all internal, routine and general cleaning including floors. Due to our wide experience in handling a wide range of businesses and factories, we are very familiar with all the approaches when it comes to professional cleaning. Our customers are happy with our manageable and flexible approach to creating customized cleaning solutions generally to industry, office, school.bulding or other cleaning needs We believe that the cleaning requirements of your factory may be noticeably different from the next door industry-for that reason our qualified and experienced Area and Sales managers work tirelessly hard, to create a thoroughly cleaning plan specific to your needs and review on an ongoing basis to guarantee constant, high quality service.

Dissimilar to other companies, we associate with you to create a customized cleaning solution that fully match your singular needs, assuring the utmost in cleanliness, hygiene and safety for our clients, visitors and members. With industry leading certification, our ability to provide cleaning tools and equipments efficiently and effectively is unquestionable.

Universal Engineering & Solutions

Industrial cleaning, we have a specialized industrial cleaners who are highly trained in terms of handling industrial equipments such as engines and electronics. We have professional wet and dry cleaning solution whose mission is to offer you with best range of vacuum cleaners; in particular engineered in the way to ensure it fits to all kind of your needs. In case you need cleaning equipments for your office, warehouse, and factory or for the pharmaceutical plant you should contact tomatsu for all those kind of solutions. You can easily access our industrial cleaners as they are long lasting, versatile, designed and could be operated in any environment.

We are considerate to every client needs, if it is about cleaning the huge machines in factories or about commercial need, we have purchased the specially manufactured products that are meant for cleaning.Tomatsu offers its quality services to the several manufacturing industries by giving them the specially designed cleaners to suit their needs. Universal Engineering highly committed to offer the quality cleaning solution to its clients on the industrial and the commercial level so that they could easily choose the product of their choice that would offer them awesome cleaning experience. The industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners are specially designed to meet huge commercial and industrial needs, for that reason we provide heavy duty vacuum cleaners with big capacities ranging from 60-100 liters.

Universal Engineering & Solutions

Universal Engineering & Solutions

We also provide dry and wet solution to our customers. Here we use the appropriate equipments and technology to efficiently handle this.dry is mostly used in factories to represent placement into a landfill, not always the conveying method

When it comes to garage cleaning solution we can expertly handle this. Oil and grease don’t just make a garage floor look disgusting, they also damage your shoes and clothes and marks are left in the house. And in case you want to furnish your floor with a coating it is important to eliminate the oil deposits for a nice bond. We have a remedy for that as we have specialized equipments and experts to handle your garage.

When it comes to engineered hardwood floors, a key factors why people would prefer engineered flooring is because it is very easy to maintain. If you just get to know the tips of maintaining and cleaning your engineered flooring then you are sure your floor will last longer. Most of our staffs are experts and are very aware of the steps on how to wash engineered hardwood floors and this is helpful in maintaining high quality splendor of the flooring that makes it to look new despite daily tear and wear. In addition having well supported engineered flooring could also assist to improve the overall value of your home which is an added advantage in case you are planning to sell your asset.

Universal Engineering & Solutions

Surfaces of a wooden floor must be cleaned accurarately with care to avoid unnecessary wear and tear; we have equipments which are very appropriate for this purpose. Therefore you are highly encouraged to try us today for quality cleaning solutions and cleaning equipments.

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