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Central Vacuum Cleaning

ME Universal Engineering and Trading is one of the few companies in India that has introduced state-of-the-art cleaning technologies-Central Vacuum System, industrial cleaning systems, professional cleaning machines - for commercial and industry cleaning.

Efficient, fast and thorough, vacuum cleaning has become an essential part of housekeeping at corporate environments today. The Central Vacuum System(CVS)offers effortless cleaning while powerful industrial cleaning systems deliver comprehensive cleaning at higher efficiencies, bringing benefits like.

  • Improved convenience
  • Better functionality
  • More safetyduring use
  • Energy saving and
  • Reduced cleaning time

The key to achieving the full range of benefits comes from having a specialized understanding of what each commercial or industrial working environment requires. With ME Universal’strained technical support combined with our portfolio of industry-leading central vacuum and cleaning technologies, you are sure to get the optimal solution for your needs

Simple, Powerful Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Solutions

We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions across all types of cleaning, dry or wet including technologies, equipment, and cleaning agents. Our team of experts will recommend solutions based on your individual needsafter studying on-ground requirements and incorporating the highest standards for hygiene and safety.

Our approach is end-to-end starting from design to execution:

  • Estimate the surface area to be cleaned and the type of cleaning required
  • Estimate the personnel using the cleaning equipment in typical cases
  • In case of CVS,
  • Design the pipe layout and vacuum tubing fittings plans
  • Next choose the right vacuum unit and location of the unit and the inlets

ME Universal Engineering offers a unique 24 x 7 Technical Support service for the CVS solution, which ensures that any problems you may face is handled at the earliest.

Cleaning Technologies That Deliver Value

Deploying the right cleaning system has a long term impact on not only the working environment but also the efficiency and quality of housekeeping operations. A well-planned cleaning system incorporating the latest technologies must be a foremost concern while designing a building.

Speak to our representatives to understand how you can benefit from having a highly productive, safe and fast cleaning solution.

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