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Central Chutes
Central Chutes

In the rapidly growing and highly competitive world of today; high-rise buildings, large apartments serving commercial and residential, and construction buildings have become hallmarks of urban development. This development usually comes with a significantly increased challenge in removing solid waste, refuse or garbage from high-rise buildings with multiple levels.

Central Chutes, a manufacturer, have therefore been developed as effective solutions to the problems of garbage collection and disposal for multiple-leveled high-rise buildings for residential and commercial apartments, with the in-built advantages of convenience, efficiency, safety and hygiene.


  • Central Chutesare developed and installed in line with specifications provided in BS 1703:2005,NFPA 82, IS 6924:2001 and NBC 2005.
  • Central Chutes are designed for a weather-proof service life with stainless steel.
  • Central Chutesare designed with a sanitation system for automated internal cleaning. This automatic cleaning for our garbage trash chutes are implemented from the garbage room through a control panel. Central Chutes are also designed to permit disinfectant spray during internal cleaning.
  • Central Chutes are designed with an exhaust system to provide alower limit of 20air exhausts every hour.
Central Chutes

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