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ME Universal concept of smart building is any structure that uses automated process to automatically control the buildings operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting , security and other systems. Our building concept uses sensors and other wireless / wired devices to collect data and manage it according to the functions of the building and services.

ME Universal works with IP500, EnOcean, Lora, Zigbee, Bluetooth and other IOT Standards which are into Wireless Mesh Networking to communicate between different equipments within the building thus creating a smart building which is secure and full of data for operational and maintenance decisions. The whole idea of IOT Buildings is to save money/cost during or after the building is occupied thus savings for the investor, property owner and tenant.

Our Product based IOT Solutions are designed for the next generation buildings which is focused on the Cleaning, Waste Management, Lighting etc to see that the building equipments are also IOT ready.

Some of our solutions offered are:

  • Centralised Vacuum Cleaning
  • Centralised Garbage Chute Collection
  • Automated Waste Collection
  • Smart Waste Bins
  • Centralised Laundry Collection
  • Smart Ventilation Fans
  • Common IP Backbone FTTH & FTTO
  • Building Management Systems
  • Public Address & Alarm System
  • Wireless Battery Free Sensors & Switches
  • Neuro – Brain of Building
  • Smart Lighting
  • Digital Smart Lighting Controller
  • Smart IOT Switches
  • Digital & Motorised Locks
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