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Architectural Lighting

Universal Engineering professional team strives to offer first class commercial, industrial and institutional lighting systems. Our clients range from home owners, offices, suites, shopping mall developers, healthcare facilities and also construction firms. Our main responsibility is not just supplying you with the lighting materials, but we also go ahead and fix them for you. We fully believe in doing it perfectly ensuring that our concept is fully implemented, from design to build. That coupled with a vast experience acquired since inception has helped us a lot in catering for the customizable lighting requirements as per the architectural design for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Professional Lighting Solutions

So what does this process of providing perfect lighting solutions entails. Equipped with this knowledge helps one to know what is required in looking for a viable solution when dealing with your lighting. Lighting projects may vary depending on the setting and plan of the structure. When designing a lighting project, a lighting expert should clearly identify a customer’s needs and specifications to carry out the specified task. Upon identification of a client’ specifications, assessing the given details are next. Later a detailed solution according to the specifications given is prepared which in turn will lead to a successful implementation of a lighting solution. Upon having a well analyzed plan, now the project can kick off. Upon completion of the project we highly ensure that the lighting solution is custom built in regard to customer specifications and customer needs.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Here we mainly deal with LED lighting. Light Emitting Diode commonly referred to as LED, is one of the best technologies that have emerged in the lighting world and created a great impact. Simply LED generates light from an electronic component which is made from semi conductor materials. When these materials are used correctly they produce light of different wavelengths. With this you can use the different lightings to illuminate different places in your space according to precision and customizations.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Our company is highly equipped with a good team of lighting engineers and lighting professionals, this have resulted to successful supplying and fitting of lighting materials. Here we believe in offering our clients with unique and smart lighting solutions fit for your home, working place or office. Also we have set a team to fully implement your lighting needs right from conception to materialization, thus you are always assured of quality support through the entire planning and construction stage to achieve high quality and innovative lighting for your valuable space.

Our clients revolve around retail shop owners who highly understand that good lighting creates atmosphere and also highly aid in customer guidance. We also help office owners set up an application oriented and an integrated lighting scheme. Thus leading to more productivity on their part. For health care facilities, due to the wide variety of tasks being performed the staff working around those premises, they require specialized and varied lighting solutions which we are ready to offer. For industry owners, we are also keen in delivering and fixing the required lighting equipment.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Our products are innovative, sustainable and are technologically advanced. This coupled with a set of committed technicians and engineers your lighting experience will never be the same again. With a wide variety of lighting products varying from size, type, performance and cadre you are always spoilt for selection. Our products are also fabricated by the best Indian industries and are of very high quality. Here not only de we sell you the equipment but we also go ahead and fix it for you. All this thanks to our competitive team of professionals and engineers. Always rest assured that our lighting systems will serve you for years and years to come. We also offer consultation services to our esteemed clients.

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