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Abso CLEAN - Medical Grade Sanitizer

Abso CLEAN - Medical Grade Sanitizer

Universal Engineering Health Care Divison and Korea Electrolyzed Water System(KEWS) is specialized manufacturer who has been producing ultra strong electrolyzed water with its own unique technology have tied up to jointly promote Abso CLEAN in the South East Asian Market. KEWS mainly produce various environment-friendly liquid detergent, hand sanitizer, industrial waste-oil filtering system, etc.

Abso-CLEAN is environment-friendly multi-purpose sanitizer(sterilizer) made by 100% Hypochlorous acid(HOCL), which could make various harmful germs/virus/bacteria disable with 99.9 % in 30 seconds. This is very safe and non-irritative to every spot in human body such as face, hand, foot, but also very powerful sterilizer.

Abso-CLEAN is also multi-effective in deodorization, skin-soothing, moisturizing as well as sterilization.

Main Properties of Abso-CLEAN


High level safety

Powerful sterilization (High level)


What is HOCL ?

It represents Hypochlorous Acid which is known as the most safe sanitizer existing in the world. It’s effectiveness and safety is approved from Europe, USA(FDA), Japan, and other medically developed countries.

Weak Acid HOCL (PH 5~6)

Strong Acid HOCL (PH2.0~2.5) → Abso-CLEAN

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Abso CLEAN - Medical Grade Sanitizer