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About Sistem Air

Central Vacuum Manufacturers Since 1993

Sistem Air Group

Sistem Air Group is a leading company for the international central vacuum market. During its twenty-year experience, it has developed a complete product range, able to satisfy any kind of installation, supported by a high-specialized pre and post-sales service. Solutions are exclusively made in Italy, with a high standard quality. The company works in 30 countries all over the world and has eight foreign branches that manage their local markets. In Italy our Solutions are sold through the electrical distribution supply chain, with more than 600 stores all over the country, supported by a team of 80 representatives and a network of customer support centres. Every new product realized by Sistem Air satisfies the market needs and represents a new standard for the whole sector. Our technical department purpose is to improve our Solutions and services through understanding customer needs. For all these reasons, Sistem Air offers to its consumers a reference point in terms of raw materials, production processes and complete range.