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Chief Executive Message

The journey of Universal Engineering has been more of a dramatic thriller story coming from an Alfred Hitchcock novel with multiple twist and turns, with many characters evolving in the face of products and solutions in the form of opportunities. Eventually we survived each day learning with growing in bits and pieces and transforming our abilities by being capable enough to lead.

Since 2012 when we decided to setup our India operations , post the global recession, it was difficult decision to step in which model of business, either we go for the typical trading of goods or end up what India is famous for by providing I.T Outsourcing Solutions. Coming down to selection of right moves we entered into Solution Trading Business where we have kept our focus on the B2B Segment mainly Institutional Sales.

We decided that we will concentrate on Innovative Products and provide Solutions to the problems faced by the various Industries, now this was focused and easy though but the take off was heavy enough with little or no response for at least One year ,we knocked every door and were turned back. Multiple strategies , ideas , advices from associates and thus we were able to combine a formula for this specific market which worked good enough.

Today Universal is in its Fourth year of Operations and we have a good sustainable system being run by hardworking employees who are part of the team and the decision process. With our target to increase the graph numbers and market reach we are all ambitious to make it happen. We aim to reach the Middle East in the reverse mechanism of growth and have targeted to be in GCC by 2016 - 2017 and by 2019 we intend to be fully established into an International Company with global operations.

Unfortunate we had many failures than Success to cherish for, but as said by Thomas Edison " I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

June 10th , 2016.

Irfan Ahmed

Chief Executive - Investments